The University of Dubuque has a shared advising model that includes professional staff and faculty advisors. Each undergraduate student is assigned an academic advisor that will support and encourage the student's academic success while also providing course planning, registration and graduation guidance.

Our mission is to educate and empower students to make informed decisions about their academic and career aspirations.

First-Year Students

First-year students are all assigned a First-Year Advisor in the Center for Advising and Vocation. In order to accommodate student course needs, all first-year students are pre-registered for their first semester of classes according to their entrance scores, as well as their general education and major (if declared) course requirements. At the end of their first-year at UD, students will be assigned a faculty advisor within their chosen major.

Transfer and Returning Students

Transfer students with college experience outside of high school and 24+ credits accepted to UD are assigned to a faculty advisor within the department of their declared major.

Exploring Majors

A student who selects Exploring as a major is a student who is actively seeking information and experience in various areas of interest before fully committing to a University major or career path. Students who are Exploring majors will work with a Center for Advising staff until a University major is selected.

Exploring students are encouraged to expand their understanding and experience in fields of interest by:

  • Taking classes within various disciplines as part of the student's General Education requirements or University electives.
  • Utilizing the Career Cruising program to further assess and explore their interest areas. More information about registering for Career Cruising can be obtained by reaching out to the Office of Academic Advising.
  • Talking to professors and employers who work in the field of interest.
  • Setting up informational interviews through the Center for Advising and Vocation.

An Exploring major is a temporary and transitional major offered for students who are currently uncertain of which University major to choose. Exploring majors are encouraged to choose a University major by their sophomore year.

For information about specific major requirements, please visit the department's webpage.

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Academic Success Coach

Keeping students in good academic standing is a high priority at the University of Dubuque. Remembering 2-2-12 is essential to avoid academic and/or financial aid probation or suspension, as well as sports ineligibility.

Remember 2-2-12!
2.0 or higher Term GPA
2.0 or higher Cumulative GPA
12 credits (minimum) completed each semester

The Academic Success Coach works with students who may need a little extra support and helps determine what barriers may be affecting low academic performance. Students meeting with the Academic Success Coach are shown different approaches to help improve their study skills, time management and goal setting, just to name a few. The Academic Success Coach also refers students to many additional resources at the University such as subject-specific tutoring, accommodations, and counseling.

For more information regarding Academic Coaching Services, please contact Jane Boge at 563.589.3724 or

Center for Advising and Vocation

Location: Lower Level of Peters Commons
Center Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Students can schedule an appointment by logging in to: If you have a UD email but have never used the program, you will first need to register for an account. You can then view all advisors' availability by selecting the "Advising" schedule from the drop-down menu. This is the same program used by the ASC for scheduling tutor appointments.

Contact Us

Keisha Schroeder

Keisha SchroederDirector of Academic Advising

Phone: 563.589.3106

Jane Boge

Jane BogeAcademic Success Coach

Phone: 563.589.3724

Kendall Loggins

Kendall LogginsHealth Professions Advisor

Phone: 563.589.3497